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"Were you told as a child how cruel the whole world can be?"
ur cuter

jack will be here in 17 hours okay thank u and good night i am now going to throw myself a party i am so excited

left the house 2day

hey who remembers when i met mayday parade shit yea that was a great day

6 days until i see my baby, words cannot comprehend my excitement 

all i can think about rn is how much i fuck things up and how i keep gaining all the weight i lose and how many assignments i have to do and cant find the motivation so ill fail and how im such a shit friend and girlfriend and bring people down idk, threw out all of my blades this morning too i dno why but im regretting it now

omg dad just brought me bbq chicken wing crisps and do u know how hard it was to say no do you know the pain i am experiencing rn 

feel like something is really bad and wrong and that i could have a huge break down any second without anything even triggering it 

feelin like my head is gonna explode I can’t swallow properly and keep getting dizzy and this is not fun

daym I got strong shoe game

so vulnerable rn
old habits are so hard to fight

it’s been three years and I still want to hurt myself how’s that for recovery woo yea doin great

if u knew what i hear and think and dream you’d probs forget u ever met me

I’m gonna be skinny one day and I will wear nice clothes and be hot ok

baby’s birthday, happy birthday I love you mwaaaa