i don’t even know what’s real and what’s in my head anymore

haha why do I bother

I feel so apathetic towards everything in my life but at the same time I feel so fucking sad and lost in my own head I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore

losing weight like a mofuckaaaa
3kg in 2 weeks 👌 what u want

my life is messier than my hair

Christmas is gonna be so shit without my grandma

so unhappy with my body ffs

Bali, England and Spain next year shit yeaaaaaaa

nothing left for me here anymore

Feeling empty is worse than being sad
You can weep sadness into your favourite pillow
Or shatter your mothers sacred vase to relieve your anger

But when you feel nothing
When you’re hollow and numb 
You’re left slicing valleys into your skin,
hoping that perhaps it’s feelings flowing from the gashes.
You think it will take away the shaky hands and swollen throat, 
fill the emptiness within you.

But its not
And it won’t
And you’re left in a pile of blood and tears on the bathroom floor,
wishing somebody had told you to pick yourself up and not shut down your feelings

what’s the point tho really, nothing good ever stays and nothing bad ever goes away

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Don’t you fucking dare tell me that I’m perfect if I’m not good enough to make you want to stay.

opening up every cut that should be a scar by now
i need the hope i always tell my friends about